Fifty Shades of London escorts and the Reasons for Foreplay


A couple of my friends who work as Escorts in London and myself went to watch and enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey. We were expecting to see what we thought was going to be an erotic movie, but half way through we were beginning to wonder when the orgasm was going to come.

No one on the big screen really seemed to be that much into what they were doing, and many people, including myself and the group of Escorts in London, thought so as well.

There were a lot of disappointed faces from both men and women in that movie theater. Interestingly enough, none of the actors seem to even break into a sweat, and like one of the Escorts in London said: “They are obviously not doing that well.”

I did not get a chance to speak to many of the other movie goers but most of us left the movie theater pretty disappointed, and on the way home we discussed the movie.

Most of the Escorts in London thought it had come across a bit like a trailer to the next movie, and I must say that I agreed with them. Perhaps even the title is a bit wrong when you think about it.

It implies that sex is something cold and cool, and perhaps this is what the actors tried to imply.

It was certainly not a movie which turned any one on, and it has not had very good reviews in the press.

Escorts in London Style Fifty Shades of Hot Sex

Porn movies are a unique concept within the movie industry, and should be made by professional porn stars or Escorts in London. This type of movie is unlikely to ever win any awards so you may as well put it back where it belongs, in the porn industry.

All the hype of the movie has now died down, and none of the big crowds are flocking to the movie theaters. Instead of hot sex many porn stars and Escorts in London feel that the movie was a bit of wet lettuce leaf, and they could have done it better themselves.

Get a decent porn director and we will do a porn retake with Escorts in London and porn stars showing you some actual sex is the general opinion in the industry.


Fifty Shades of Grey was according to many Escorts in London a very sensual book as it left a lot up to the imagination. Unfortunately, the book did not translate well into a movie, or perhaps it was just the wrong director and script writer.

I know a lot of Escorts in London and porn stars who would like to have an opportunity to star in what they call “the real version”. As a matter of fact, many industry workers now call it “the porn movie which never was” and some Escorts in London even call it the Neverland porn movie.

The movie does however go to prove how important our imagination is when it comes to sex and porn. What is good sex for one person is just boring to another.


The imagination of many of the movie goers had been stirred by false promising of amazing porn and sex. When this did not happen many left at the end of the movie, deeply disappointed and went home to watch and enjoy some better porn. Where was the passion?

It is time for some Escorts in London to take their places both behind and in front of the camera.

According to sex expert Dr. Ken Michaels, most women complain that men have very little time for foreplay. However, despite popular beliefs, men do need foreplay as well but they are not as dependent on it as women.

Foreplay is all about sexual stimulation and all Escorts in London appreciate how important it can be to both parties. As well as stimulate, it also gives a sense of expectation and can really increase the enjoyment of sex.


Touch is one of our most perceptive senses, and unless we are touched many of our neuro connections do not “fire up”.

Dr Michaels often say this is why Escorts in London like to give their dates a massage. It prepares the body for further physical stimulation, and makes us feel more relaxed. She also points out that when we are more relaxed, the more likely we are able to enjoy the following experience for longer and achieve better satisfaction.

In other words, we need foreplay to be able to enjoy ourselves more and for longer.


Escorts in London appreciate that women do not always associate sex with love. Sex to women is sometimes just sex but when we add foreplay to the mix, women begin associate the entire act with love. This is one of the main reasons women need foreplay.